Thoughts on 2015 NBA Draft

1. Towns to T-Wolves
My favorite player in the draft. Does everything well. Excellent motor. Plays hard on both ends of the court. 

2. Russell to Lakers
This was very interesting and late movement on the part of Russell. Obviously folks had thought Okafor to the Lakers was the likely pick. However, it seems like the Lakers are increasingly confident that they'll be able to get LaMarcus Aldridge or maybe Kevin Love in free agency. Jay Bilas...

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Warriors / Cavs Finals Preview - 5 Things to Watch For

1. How will the Cavs defend Steph Curry?
I was astounded by how the Rockets initially defended Curry -- using Jason Terry as his primary defender and switching seemingly 100% of the time on pick and rolls. The problem with Terry as a defender is multi-fold.
1. He's roughly the same size as Curry -- which is deadly because an offensive savant like Curry needs so little room to get a shot off (i.e. Curry doesn't even need to be open per se...

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Letter to Someone Worried about Where They’re Going to College

My buddy (and new parent) sent me this article [link]. It's about 6th graders so worried about grades and where they'll go to college that they take stimulants to stay up and study. That some are so angry and upset that they cut themselves. 

So I'm writing this blog post to you -- those worried about getting into Stanford / MIT / Princeton / Harvard ... or any school. Those whose parents seem to only care about their grades. Those worried...

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COS 126 + my sketch writing class

The worst grade I got in college was in this class called "COS 126". It was the intro computer science class at Princeton. It is quite literally, the first computer science course you can take there. (Though there may have been some sort of computer appreciation course which I imagine fulfills no requirements unless you're an English major or something.) I should note that not only was it the worst grade I got, I also worked the hardest in...

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Bryce Petty

My top target for the Jets going into the 2015 NFL Draft was a QB -- most specifically, Marcus Mariota. Eventually, we found out that that was a near impossibility as it now appears Tennessee was locked into him from early on and unlikely to move from that under almost any circumstance.

However, my strong second choice (I hate to say 1A, but maybe 1A) was Garrett Grayson. If you haven't seen Garrett Grayson at Gruden's QB Camp -- make sure...

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2015 NFL Draft: 1st Round Recap (oh, no, the Jets!)

I went into this draft with high hopes. I had multiple plausible scenarios in my head for the Jets including:

  • Jets trading up to #2 and getting Marcus Mariota (using the #6 overall pick and Muhammed Wilkerson as bait)
  • Amari Cooper somehow falling to them at #6 -- struck me as unlikely because I thought the Raiders would take him for sure, but in a world where Leonard Williams was available at #4, I thought it was a possibility that...
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