Thoughts on Celtics / Sixers Trade—Fultz Deal

So last night it was announced that the Celtics would be moving the #1 overall pick to the Sixers for the #3 overall pick + either the 2018 Lakers 1st round pick (if it falls within 2 to 5) and if it doesn't, then the 2019 Kings 1st round pick -- which I believe is unprotected.


  • There's seemingly widespread consensus that Fultz is the best player in the draft. I actually haven't seen a draft board that has anyone else at the...
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Williamstown Theatre Festival
Back in 2008, I was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Williamstown is an annual festival that puts on several plays and musicals up in Williamstown, Massachusetts (home to Williams College.) 
The apprentice program is notable for having numerous famous (acting) alums and is generally considered a huge resume get for actors in the New York area. I thought I’d write a blog post summarizing some of my experiences which...
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Films I saw in 2016
0s & 1s
20th Century Women
--really loved this film; found it poignant and delightful. Greta Gerwig is something else in it.
A Clockwork Orange
A Face in the Crowd
A Tale of Love and Darkness
A Walk Among the Tombstones 
--just a really great Liam Neeson film; understated yet powerful
A Wonderful Cloud
All the Way
--tremendous Bryan Cranston performance
Amanda Knox
--I knew maybe a light sprinkling of what you would...
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Films I Saw in October 2016
The Thin Red Line
Worth contrasting how they dramatized the Battle of Guadalcanal with how it was done in the HBO mini-series "The Pacific".
A Face in the Crowd
I've been fascinated by the TV series and for fans of it, it's a worthwhile look at the original film. While the TV series has made significant advancements, the core ideas (or the seeds of them) are here in the film and just showcases the brilliance of...
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Thoughts on 2015 NBA Draft

1. Towns to T-Wolves
My favorite player in the draft. Does everything well. Excellent motor. Plays hard on both ends of the court. 

2. Russell to Lakers
This was very interesting and late movement on the part of Russell. Obviously folks had thought Okafor to the Lakers was the likely pick. However, it seems like the Lakers are increasingly confident that they'll be able to get LaMarcus Aldridge or maybe Kevin Love in free agency. Jay Bilas...

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Warriors / Cavs Finals Preview - 5 Things to Watch For

1. How will the Cavs defend Steph Curry?
I was astounded by how the Rockets initially defended Curry -- using Jason Terry as his primary defender and switching seemingly 100% of the time on pick and rolls. The problem with Terry as a defender is multi-fold.
1. He's roughly the same size as Curry -- which is deadly because an offensive savant like Curry needs so little room to get a shot off (i.e. Curry doesn't even need to be open per se...

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