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Thoughts on “Mitt”

Now available on Netflix is "Mitt" -- a remarkable documentary spanning 6 years -- from when Mitt Romney first started thinking about a potential presidential run to his eventual defeat in the 2012 election. Perhaps by now, I should no longer be surprised at the level of access some documentarians are able to get -- but it is remarkable that the campaign gave him seemingly unfettered access to so many personal moments during Romney's two...

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Ann Patchett on Craft

I'm currently reading Ann Patchett's wonderful new book, a collection of essays entitled, "This is the Story of a Happy Marriage". There's a wonderful NPR Fresh Air interview with her available [link] and you can buy signed copies of this book on Paranassus' website [link].

Besides being an immensely enjoyable read, I've found numerous passages in the book to be so clear and enlightening that I wanted to highlight a few and then add my own...

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The Brilliant Breaking Bad and Its Finale

[NOTE: Many spoilers in this posting.] This is a show that needs no introduction -- lauded for every aspect of production and performance -- it's been argued that it's one of the, if not the, greatest TV show of all time.

The finale, for me, was nearly flawless. It was incredibly different from nearly everything we've come to expect from Breaking Bad, yet both summed up everything that we've come to see but also allowed us to now deeply...

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5 Takeaways from Denver / Baltimore

1. Peyton is great -- and not for the reasons you suspect
It's easy to look at Manning's stats -- 27/42 for 462 with 7 TDs and 0 INTs and laud him. That's not what made it special. How about his willingness to consistently run on 2nd and long? That then made a 1st down run not a gimme. That set up runs later in the game. That also -- probably most critically, set up the play action pass later in the game. That then gave him an extra 1/4 to...

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Making a 2nd Documentary

I'm not actually going to make a 2nd documentary (despite the title of this post) -- but I thought about it lately. But oddly, strictly in the context of, "Gosh, if I made another documentary, how much better would it be because of all these things I learned from making my first documentary?" I went to this Q&A with the filmmaker Danny Boyle and he said something that I found really interesting. The question was around if he would do anything...

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Getting Distribution for My Documentary

My documentary, "The Magic Life", recently got distribution and I thought I might blog a little about the process in case it would be helpful to other filmmakers. Part of my rationale is that in the course of making any sort of film (or web series, short, etc.) -- is that there are so many unknowns. Having a handful of unknowns is always exciting, a chance to learn something new. However, having 104 unknowns is terrifying and often paralyzing....

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