Thanks for visiting my website! As you can tell, this website is geared around my acting endeavors (hence the preposterously large headshot on the main page). Some of my credits include Netflix’s “Mascots”, HBO’s “The Newsroom”​, Hulu’s “Difficult People”​, Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs”, and TBS’ “The Detour”, along with a number of digital projects for JASH, Disney, Super Deluxe, Funny or Die, and Adult Swim.

Some of my favorite acting moments include: chasing after a dog until exhaustion (Disney’s “Stray Day”), auditioning / being interviewed by Christopher Guest (we somehow ended up talking about laser eye surgery), and being regaled by stories about “The Newsroom” from Marcia Gay Harden.

I occasionally write as well, having written the digital series “The Consultants” about a fictional management consulting firm. It’s inspired by my friend’s experience as an intern at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and was a finalist in a Producers Guild of America competition. Some folks from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business even invited me to present it! More recently, I also co-created the series “Ching Chong Blues” for Turner’s Super Deluxe. It’s a series of bizarre and darkly comedic vignettes around today’s Asian-American experience and was named a Vimeo Staff Pick.

I also directed the documentary “The Magic Life”, which looks at the business side of being a magician by following three magician hopefuls. I started it because I had just finished “The Consultants” and had just become a member of the Magic Castle and just thought this little underground world was fascinating. It made for many sleepless nights but, with the help of my friend and exceptional editor Erik Dugger, it was selected for the International Documentary Association’s DocuWeeks showcase and is available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Prior to this, I was a relatively early employee of Google and Amazon. I was responsible for the launch of Amazon’s Wedding Registry and Google AdWords’ Reports. I also had the experience of working for a couple of weeks at Amazon’s distribution center in Fernley, Nevada during one Christmas season (as pretty much all employees were sent because of staffing issues short of those required to keep the website up and running.) We were housed in a casino and bused at 6am every day to the distribution center 45 minutes away. I worked something called “Full Case” (larger items like DVD players where only that item goes into a box) and gift wrap (one of the more coveted assignments!)

I’m originally from New Jersey, went to Princeton where I studied Economics, and have two wonderful rescue dogs, Jack and Pop Tart. My instagram feed is basically photos of them snoozing.