Date of Honor

Catch me as Winsworth, the butler's butler, in Facebook Watch's "Date of Honor"!

The Detour

Catch me as Sam San, a TaeKwonDo sensei, in TBS’ The Detour! (Episode 206: The Tournament)

Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Catch me in “Grief”—a moving story about a man dealing with the sudden loss of his young son. Official Selection Dances With Films 2017


"Catherine" w/Jenny Slate (Sundance 2014) - Nelson Cheng as Richard, a deadpan office worker.

Ching Chong Blues

Ching Chong Blues is a darkly comedic anthology series that examines Asian-American identity. Vimeo Staff Pick | Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | UCB: The Screening Room

Actor Seeks Role

A selection of the New Yorker magazine's screening series of short films. w/Alex Karpovsky and Dylan Baker.


drama; lawyer/fixer

The Loan

comedic; loan officer who considers making a loan to a company that makes baby-sized ties


Catch me as Dr. Wang in "Weedwolf", a pilot presentation where my patience is tested when childhood friends come in for medical help claiming that smoking marijuana turns one of them into a werewolf.

Bella and the Bulldogs

Catch me in the Season 2 premiere of Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs! (with former NFL MVP Kurt Warner and filmed at the NFL Network!)


From Dean Fleischer-Camp and Super Deluxe, starring Nathan Fielder (Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You”) and with Jenny Slate! Indiewire: “originally bizarre… Grade: A”

Stray Day

A Disney short series about a dog who escapes an adoption fair. Starring Jenny Slate and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I play a dog catcher!

Adult Swim’s For-Profit Online University

Catch me in the Adult Swim spoof infomercial: “For-Profit Online University”, a fake infomercial for an online college, which is clearly a money-grubbing scheme.

Denton’s Death Date

Catch me in the Snap/Snapchat series, Denton’s Death Date!

Doritos Spec Super Bowl Commercial - “Yes. Sir.”

I play a stressed out assistant to a very demanding boss. Doritos to the rescue!


Catch me in this totally real spot for Venmo.

Meeple People

Catch me as Ted in Meeple People! A comedy series for the serious gamer.


Profiled in Vice's "The Creators Project", RefugeeGuy11 was an effort to raise awareness for the Refugee Olympic Team and the plight of refugees around the world. (at the 2016 Rio Olympics, for the first time ever, a team of refugees was allowed to compete under the Olympic flag)

Funny or Die’s “HUVr”

Funny or Die's "HUVr" w/Tony Hawk, Moby, Billy Zane, and Christopher Lloyd. Over 15 million views on YouTube.