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Thoughts on A Prophet

I recently saw "A Prophet" -- it's a a French crime / prison drama from 2009 (nominated for Best Foreign Language Film). I got interested in it because the lead actor, Tahar Rahim -- he's one of the stars of the new Hulu series "A Looming Tower". 

On a separate note about A Looming Tower -- I listened to a podcast reviewing it and the hosts were naming the stars of the show (and Tahar is undoubtedly one of the stars -- he and the Jeff Daniels character / John O'Neill are the two main characters in the show) -- and the hosts name off maybe 5 or 6 people and don't name Tahar at all. Is it because they were only naming the "famous" actors? I don't know -- but it was strange. 

Anyway -- A Prophet is excellent. If you're into crime dramas or prison movies, this is definitely a worthwhile watch. One of the things that's really interesting to see is Tahar's performance. I think some reviewer mentioned how seamless his transition is from his more innocent / naive self at the beginning to a much more hardened criminal as the movie progresses. Arc-wise, it reminds me a lot of Riz Ahmed's performance in "The Night Of". However, the arc in "The Night Of" in some ways seems much larger and more pronounced, and also, Riz Ahmed has a far more dramatic physical transformation (bulking up, tattoos, etc.) There's something particularly fascinating by how subtle Tahar plays the role -- it's like he invisibly morphs into this new version of himself that was always hiding within.