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The Jets’ Loss


I'm pretty bummed out about the Jets losing to the Steelers. I actually was totally fine with them losing when they fell down 24-0. I never quite believed in the talent level of this team. They had games where they would get routed (Patriots), where their offense wouldn't show up (Green Bay, Miami, NE), and, inexplicably, where their defense wouldn't show up (Chicago, NE). I guess I didn't trust in this team and when they fell down 24-0, well, the inevitable sort've happened -- they were going to get shown as the pretenders that I think I thought they were.
Then something happened. They came back. All the way to 24-19. The worst part of it, though, was they could've won this game or, at least, pushed it into overtime. They were first and goal only a couple of yards away and couldn't pound it in (with some questionable play calling from Schottenheimer.) They ended up getting a safety after the turnover on downs, but they didn't need 2 points -- they needed 7, and that coupled with a later score would've pushed it into overtime. Their offense in hurry up also looked confused -- just very slow to get the plays to Sanchez.
Even taking off the 24-0 deficit off the table -- assuming that was there, to feel like the Jets STILL could've won this game or at least had a chance to win it in overtime and to lose with it so close is such a disappointing end to the season.
Near half-time, I was reading this ESPN chat about how Sanchez is the weak link on this team and how the offensive line and the supporting cast get too much credit. That they're not as good as everyone says they are. Wrong. They are this good. They proved in the 2nd half that they can move the ball consistently and score on one of the best defenses in the league. They're not afraid of anybody and have the talent to match up against anybody. Today they threw a half away and still almost won the game. I think the half that they threw away, though, was the 2nd half. Small errors added up and probably cost them those extra 5 (or more) points that they could've gotten.
Great season though New York. I'm proud of how much you accomplished and how far you've come since I started rooting for you -- that year you guys went 1-15. Not only is your record better, but you play with heart, moxie, and verve. You talk trash and a lot of people hate you, but you fight and you keep coming. I wanted more but I'm so glad that you're my team.