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On Not Knowing What to Write


I first started blogging because I was encouraged by friends and colleagues at Google to put down my sports thoughts. That became SportsBugle. I continue that with my SportsBugle podcast.
I later turned my blog into an all purpose blog thinking it would be more fun/interesting/broad to write about anything and everything. I tend to think that belief was wrong. People seemed to like and respond most when my focus was narrow, not when it was broad.
Now I think about blogging as a way to just improve my writing -- but here's the crux of it. I'm not sure what to write about. I'd prefer not writing about anything and everything -- then the only reason to read my blog is you have some sort of attachment to me. That being said, being overwhelmed by this problem leads to a fundamental problem -- not writing at all which defeats my new goal.
So there it is. I have a broad range of interests and probably a lot of random thoughts on each of them. I'm going to do my best to make each post at least somewhat interesting and hopefully, every once in a while, a little entertaining or maybe even insightful. We'll see.