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Movies I Loved This Year
There are still a bunch of movies making Oscar buzz that I haven't seen yet (including "The King's Speech"), but here's my current list of movies that I loved this year.
1. The Social Network
Brilliant writing (Aaron Sorkin) and an excellent director (David Fincher). I cringed at the thought of seeing this figuring that they couldn't possibly get it right. I was wrong. I thought they got it exactly right.
2. Toy Story 3
Pixar is 11 for 11 in films. It's really unfathomable territory. It's probably the equivalent of a hitter in baseball batting .500 or .600 -- something that's never been done. I loved this film across the board. Wonderful story, great characters, excellent animation, and tremendous job on the 3-D. I'm not huge into animation and I was thoroughly entertained.
3. The Town
Ben Affleck is really good. I love bank robbery stories and this is a good one with good performances and it's well done. Highly recommended.
4. The Fighter
Christian Bale is fantastic and Mark Wahlberg does a great job. He's extremely likable in the role. I feel similarly about "The Fighter" as I do "The Town". They don't necessarily make my all-time list (which, for anyone's all-time list I imagine, is a high standard) -- but I enjoyed them, would recommend them, and would watch them again.
5. Waiting for Superman
I loved this documentary. Obviously Davis Guggenheim has a very specific point of view but I felt like I learned so much about our education system and came away wanting to learn more. I even took a tour of a charter school a few weeks later. It was interesting and entertaining. Probably one of my favorite documentaries of all time.