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Kind Words for “The Magic Life”

One of the really rewarding things about my documentary is that I'll get emails from folks interested in the film -- usually along the lines that they'd simply like to see it and where can they watch it. I've received emails from people from around the world -- which goes to show just how small a world it is sometimes. One of the more recent emails I've received was from a very kind gentleman who, after watching the film, had this to say:



I just wanted to follow up with you now that I've had a chance to view the film.
I really enjoyed it.  I particularly loved the scenes on Hollywood Blvd.  You totally captured the craziness of that whole area.  If someone hasn't ever been down to that area, you totally nailed the insane culture of the folks on the street.
Also, Yang Yang's act was absolutely beautiful, and beautifully captured as well.  The colors, the lighting, the whole thing.  Very well done.  His parasol effect is really one of the most elegant acts I've seen.  So incredibly visual and full of grace.
I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters, and was a little sad that for some of them,  "The Magic Life" wasn't working out as they had hoped.
Thanks again for sharing your film with me.  I really enjoyed it.