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Dunkin’ Donuts ATM


I'm not sure if I've seen a branded ATM machine, but I saw one earlier at Dunkin' Donuts today:
So I thought this was rather clever. Normally, ATMs outside of a bank have a somewhat seedy quality to them -- a little run down, dirty, and high fees. They obviously provide a service but the problem with them as a retailer, you're basically giving your customers a service with a potentially quasi-negative experience.
Here, Dunkin' Donuts has worked with the provider of the ATM machine to provide a very good looking (and brand consistent) ATM machine. Nice. The fee is also not terrible ($1.79) and the interface is remarkably good for a non-bank ATM machine. However, here was my thought on this. Why charge a fee at all? Of course, Dunkin' Donuts probably doesn't want to eat the fee / cost of running the machine -- even for goodwill -- but why not do a special where there's a fee, let's use a round number like $1.00 or $1.50, AND if the customer buys $3.00 or more from Dunkin Donuts -- the fee is waived? It would take a little logistical work to do (maybe a special key could be printed on the receipt or even if there were free passes that can be scanned in via the machine, etc.) but certainly would endear a lot of goodwill among customers / potential customers.