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Doing Things a 2nd Time


I was chatting around with a friend of mine who runs a startup. It's his second startup and he's a very successful entrepreneur. I was just making conversation when I asked, "So is it any different this time around than the first time?"
His answer quite surprised me. He said that it was largely the same but everything is less dramatic -- the highs are less high and the lows are less low -- because they've done it before.
That really resonated with me because often when I'm working on something new or for the first time, it can be really rough sledding at times. Something relatively minor will go wrong and it's a big deal. Even if I logically know it's not that big of a deal, it'll often feel like a big deal.
I'm not sure if there's a lot I can do to mitigate something like this -- other than to remind myself that this happens and also to surround myself with others who have done it before, because certainly to them, it won't be a big deal (let alone they'll have ideas how to solve the problem!)