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Auditions + Schedules
So I just got an audition for tomorrow... at 1015am. (it's the night before and I received the email around 1130pm est.) Obviously this is not ideal for a number of reasons -- the usual one being that there's just so little time to prep for the audition. 
The bigger complication for me right now is that I'm in NYC and the audition is in LA. I obviously physically can't get back in time. I could potentially move my Wed flight to Tues but that would only be worthwhile if my manager can get me a Wed audition. I think there's a chance of this happening -- but it's not super high. They usually move fast on these auditions and even a day, you might lose it.
You might ask -- why do they give such little notice? Well, unfortunately, TV episodes aren't usually written that far in advance and so once they're done, they go to casting, and then that's when the breakdown goes out. It's tight timing all the way around. I'm not complaining -- though it isn't super convenient -- but it does make trying to have a schedule really difficult.
One of the reasons I'm trying particularly hard to get back for this audition is that it's for a possible recurring role on a show on TNT. Statistically, the chances I get it are obviously small -- but boy would I like to be seen for it. (It's also at a great TV casting office.) Unfortunately, I can't fly any sooner than Tues night though -- I already committed to some meetings tomorrow for a startup that I'm likely going to advise.
It's a really weird dynamic trying to be an actor when you're not quite there. Obviously if I was getting auditions all the time, I would just sit myself down in L.A. However, when auditions come somewhat unpredictably -- you also want to live your life and while it's not like I'm traveling to the Bahamas, I do like to travel for things that I would consider as quasi work related even if it's not related to acting. (For example, in addition to the startup meetings I went to / I'm going to, I also met up with the editor of my doc.)
We'll see what happens though. My manager tried to assure me that if they called me in once, they'll call me in again -- which I imagine is true. But when you're starting out -- especially since this office hasn't called me in before -- you want to make every effort to take advantage of any opportunities that come by...