The NYC Marathon + Housing

Planet Money has a terrific new episode on the allocation of slots in the NYC marathon [link]. 

So there's roughly 50k slots and 150k applicants. More applicants than slots. How to allocate this fairly? Apparently, the NYC marathon has 4 ways you can get in:

1. lottery -- completely randomized, one entry per person

2. merit -- run below a certain time in another marathon

3. desire (money) -- they give away slots to charities who then...

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The Benefits of UCB: a Q&A

An actor recently asked me a bunch of questions re: UCB so I figured I would do a Q&A with myself in case it was helpful to other actors.

Q. Why are you relevant to talk about UCB?
A. I did the full UCB improv currriculum, was passed into Advanced Study, and auditioned and got into Academy. I've also done the full sketch program, was passed into Advanced Study, and also did some one-off stuff like their Character 101 class. I have *not*...

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Thoughts on McKinsey

McKinsey, the consulting firm, has been in the news lately -- primarily because it was the first place Pete Buttigieg worked post-college / post-Rhodes scholar. (An achievement he apparently touted for years.)

Recently, Daniel Altschuler published an op-ed in the Washington Post about the recruitment of Rhodes scholars at Oxford [link]. 

I wanted to write about McKinsey because the firm had a particular hold on me -- so strong in fact that...

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Paint + MyPerfectColor

When I worked at Amazon, I worked with a guy named Jason Shaw -- and since leaving Amazon, he became one of many startup founders, only unlike many of the more tech focused startups that I come across, his dealt with something much more physical... paint

I somewhat recently renovated my place and as anyone who has gone through renovations could tell you, the scale and scope of decisions one has to make -- almost all of which likely involve...

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Dog Stuff Recommendations
I have two wonderful rescue dogs and I wanted to share all the various items that we’ve grown to use (and often love) in case it’s helpful for other dog parents. 
Harness [link]
More people ask us about our harnesses than anything else. I’m not sure why — maybe it’s because it looks particularly robust, which it is. I first got it because Pop Tart has a slightly unusual body and he was able to get out of other harnesses. This harness...
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Quinnen Williams + Thoughts on the 2019 NFL Draft’s 1st Round
I was nervous. Mock draft after mock draft had the Jets taking Josh Allen. The logic was simple — these analysts identified DE / EDGE as their biggest position of need and Josh Allen as the most likely player at that position still available at #4 (after Bosa). Some late supposed interest in Ed Oliver — because of his high ceiling and Gregg Williams being interested. 
But to me, and this has been true for a long time, Quinnen Williams...
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